As a member of the Chinese Communist Party since his youth, Deng Xiaoping  rendered outstanding service to the Chinese people, throughout the revolution, during the development of the People's Republic and especially after the disastrous "Cultural Revolution". He succeeded in setting the country on the road to socialist modernization. He proved to be far-sighted and persevering, a man of quick understanding and decisive action. The contribution he made to the revolution, his courage as an innovator has earned him the trust of the Chinese people. In his long career as a revolutionary Deng Xiaoping enjoyed many victories and had also been through severe tests. On more than one occasion he was subjected to unjust attack simply because he refused to abandon correct views. This, however, only increase the respect in which he was held,and ultimately he became the nation's chief policy-maker...

  Emancipating the mind and seeking the truth from facts, the second generation of the central collective leadership of the CPC with Comrade Deng Xiaoping at the core made a scientific judgement on the characteristics of the times and identified peace and development as the two major questions in the world today. It successfully shifted the focus of the work of the Party and the State to socialist modernization and made it clear that in the new circumstances, the major task of the Party’s work relating to external relations was to strive for a favourable and peaceful international environment for China’s reform and opening up and building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Through careful exploration and repeated practice, the CPC established the principles guiding inter-party exchanges, i.e. independence, complete equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. Deng Xiaoping’s thinking on inter-party relations is an important component of his theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics as well as his ideas on diplomatic work...

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