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  17 May 2016

  Speaking points

  5th High Level Political Forum

  Opening ceremony

  Forging Partnership for Reform and Development: New Prospect of China-Europe Cooperation

  ·         It is a great pleasure and honor to be here in China, leading a PES delegation, for the 5th High Level Political Forum. We would like to thank the CPC for the invitation and to thank the International Department of the CPC for its hospitality and its efforts. And it is an honor for me to open the 5th High Level Political Forum.

  ·         We are very grateful to meet you once again and for having this opportunity for constructive exchange and productive contact. I think that I speak for the whole delegation when I say that we are convinced that by sharing our experiences and by having open and frank discussions, this forum will be benefit to both Europeans and Chinese. We believe that such ongoing cooperation is very beneficial. It can be very instructive.

  ·         The theme this year, Forging Partnership for Reform and Development: New prospect of China-Europe Cooperation is a fundamental one. We all live in one world, on one Earth. We need to cooperate together to find solutions to the problems, situations we encounter. Before all we need to stop the wars and the terrorism, to combat the economic downturn,to fight against the inequalities, between rich and poor, between men and women, to combat the extremisms, to preserve the environment and fight against the climate change. No one country could do it alone. With the challenges the world is facing today we need even more cooperation and exchanges. We need to work together to change the world in order to make a better one.

  ·         As you know Europe is facing a very challenging time that could put at risk its very existence. And it is the utmost importance that we keep alive our values, which form the bedrock on which we are building Europe. One of the challenge we have to face is the consequences of the financial and then economic crisis.We know that only-austerity policy did not solve any problem, unemployment and poverty remains dramatically high in the EU.

  ·         We need to create jobs, particularly for our young people. Today in Europe, 5.5 million of our young are jobless, it means 19.7%. It is unacceptable. It is the reason why we launched our campaign for a European Youth Guarantee which was endorsed by the EU in 2013. Backed by a funding of € 6 billion, the Youth Guarantee ensures that every young person in Europe under 25 is offered a job, further education or work-focused-training at the latest four months after leaving education or after becoming unemployed

  ·         Because of the financial and then economic crisis, our economy is slowing down. Since years, we fightto overhaul the only-austerity approach. We need to have an investment-led growth. It is the reason why during years our family demanded an European investment plan focusing on innovation, green growth, digital, research and a smart reindustrialisation policy to relaunch the economy and create skilled job for women and men.


  Eventually, in 2014 the European Commission announced the setting up of the EU Infrastructures Investment Plan. It aims at unlocking public and private investments in the “real economy” by mobilising, at least € 315 billion over 3 years. With it, the EU wants to boost jobs and growth by investing in infrastructures, education, research, innovation, renewable energy and energy efficiency. We would have like to have a bigger investment plan but still we have one. This plan will be implementing with the “European Fund for Strategic Investment”. It is a real tool to relaunch growth, stimulate investments in the real economy and create jobs. With friendly environmental projects we can use these investments to relaunch the economy and at the same time fight against the climate change.

  ·         In 2013, your President launched the “Belt and Road Initiative”, with the Silk Road economy belt and the Maritime Silk Road, aiming to connect China to Europe through Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey on land and through the Indian Ocean, around Africa into the Mediterranean to Venice on sea.It is a very impressive project who finds its roots in the history. We very welcome this initiative. It will connect so many different countries and could through cooperation and development, trade and confidence building dialogue lead to regional stability. It could change the face of the Eurasian continent.

  ·          There is clearly a strong convergence between the EU investment plan and the Chinese initiative. We have to find synergies between our respective infrastructure and connectivity policies. We can together achieve a lot; even more since China decided last month to contribute to the European Fund for Strategic Investment, which we are very pleased about. It is making China the first non EU countries to participate to the Fund. The EU and China can explore business and investments opportunities and therefore create a favourable environment for sustainable and inter-operable cross-border infrastructure networks in countries and regions between China and the EU. The European Commission and the Chinese government are already establishing the “EU-China connectivity Platform” to explore synergies on connectivity plan, strategies and policies, identify the areas where the enhance cooperation and develop a pipeline of projects.It is a very good example of a win-win cooperation

  ·         If we have a look to the possible projects to be financing by the EFSI and the one to be financing under the Belt and Road Initiative, there are some overlap areas.

  From my point of view there are three obvious areas for cooperation:

  -       First the transportation infrastructure. In May 2013, EU agreed to transform the existing patchwork of European roads, railways, airports and canal into a unified transportation network, called TEN-T, by 2030. Similarly, a priority of the Belt and Road Initiative is to advance infrastructure connectivity among countries along the two routes. It is clearly one area where China and Europe can work together.

  -       Energy infrastructure is the second. In February 2015, the European Commission adopted the Energy Union Framework Strategy. This strategy includes a target of 10 % interlinkage of electricity grids across borders in order to reduce the EU’s dependenceon gasoline and natural gas. The Belt and Road Initiative also aims to intensify regional cooperation in energy facilities, including cross-border electricity supply, and upgrades and renovation of regional power grids. Cooperation between China and EU would open up new opportunities for electricity supply and equipment manufacturing companies on both sides.

  -       And the third obvious area is the digital infrastructure. In March 2015, the EU unveiled the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership aiming to launch the 5G network between 2020 and 2025. The modern Silk Road has proposed also trans-country optical fibre network and better international communications. It is another area where cooperation could improve the projects.

  ·         There are already now examples outlining the logic of win-win cooperation for the EU and China. For example the launch in 2013 of Zengzhou-Europe International Block train, which have opened trade routes between Hamburg and Zengzhou through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland along 10214 km taking 15 to 18 days for the trip. And more recently the start of a new cargo train line services between Harbin and Hamburg which will benefit to Russia, South Korea, japan and European countries.

  ·         The setting up of the multilateral development Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is another good example. In October 2013 President Xi Jinping announced the AIIB initiative to promote interconnectivity and economic integration in the Asian region. Very soon 11 EU Members States and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland decided to join the Asian Infrastructure InvestmentBank.

  ·         The cooperation between EU and China could change the face of the Eurasian continent. If we work together to implement green, social and fair economy we can enhance the life of billion of people and change the face of the world. Thank you.









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