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Xinhua Commentary: Pass on the Spirit of the Communist Party of China— Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Study and...

Xinhua Commentary: Pass on the Spirit of the Communist Party of China— Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Meeting


At a mobilization meeting on Party history learning and education, General Secretary Xi Jinping reviewed the magnificent process of the tenacious and unremitting struggle of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and called on all Party members to vigorously carry forward the "red tradition", inherit the "red genes", pass on the spirits of the CPC members, overcome difficulties and forge ahead on the new journey.

The inspiration of models transcends time and space, and the power of spirits is indestructible. Whenever we recall outstanding Party members such as Fang Zhimin, Dong Cunrui, Lei Feng, Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen, Liao Junbo, and Huang Wenxiu, we always feel proud and respectful. They are revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives to the cause of Chinese socialism, heroes who tenaciously struggled, and models who worked selflessly. Generations of Party members worked endlessly and unremittingly, achieving great accomplishments over the past century. The deeds of heroes should never be forgotten. And a framework of the spirits of the CPC they have established provided abundant nourishment for the Party to thrive. Party history learning and education carries profound significance for the mentality of the Party members. Let's light the fire of faith carry forward the spirits. And then our Party will continue to accumulate the inexhaustible strength of forging ahead.

The spirits, like a torch, illuminate the original mission of the CPC. Our Party has accumulated a host of spirits over the years, including the Red Boat spirit, Jinggangshan spirit, Long March spirit, Yan'an spirit, spirit of resisting aggression, Xibaipo spirit, Daqing spirit, Lei Feng spirit, "Two-Bombs, One-Satellite" spirit, manned spaceflight spirit, 1998 flood-fighting spirit, anti-SARS spirit, earthquake relief spirit, and great anti-epidemic spirit. These great spirits transcend time and space. They serve as vivid teaching materials for us to pass on our "red genes" and strengthen our ideals and convictions. They serve as an inexhaustible driving force for us to stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. As General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed, the glorious tradition should not be abandoned, and if we lose it, we will lose our soul; the "red genes" should not be changed, and if we change them, we will change our nature. Only by absorbing the powerful faith power from the "red genes" and being a firm believer and faithful practitioner of the ideal of Communism and a shared ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, can we ensure that the red land will never change and push forward the great cause for which the revolutionary martyrs fought and sacrificed.

The spirits encourage the Party members to continue the cause. Our Party has experienced many setbacks, but the Party always fought on. The Party endured all manner of adversities, but these tests only made it stronger. This is because our Party members always have a strong spiritual force and have constantly endowed it with new connotations in the new era in practice, which is not only the key to the solid foundation of our Party, but also the precious wealth to create brilliance and open up the future. As we embark on the new journey, we must be dauntless in coping with the obstacles ahead. We must have an indomitable spirit to forge ahead into deep water zone of the reform and opening-up. We need a pioneering spirit while solving bottleneck of technologies. On our way to common prosperity, we must put people first. Inheritance is the best way to pay tribute to our forefathers, and development is the most powerful way to remember them. Our Party will move with the times and make tangible efforts. In the new era, we will let the spirits shine with new connotations, and lead the people to make new achievements.

Friedrich Engels once said, a party which knows what it wants and how to get it, which genuinely wants it and is possessed of the required tenacity, is bound in the long run to prove invincible. Our Party has come a long way, and will face arduous journey in the future. We will pass on the spirit of the CPC from generation to generation and march forward on the grand journey of national rejuvenation. No force can stop us from realizing our dreams!